Indian As Apple Pie

Chicken Little

July 20, 2009
Written by Anupy Singla

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I am scared of cooking meat. I have never really tried and for the last 15 years or so have been pretty much vegetarian. BUT ... because I love you all soo soo much and of course love my husband even more, I am trying some Indian meat dishes in the crockpot. Today, I tried my hand at traditional North Indian chicken curry. I bought 3 pounds of chicken from Whole Foods and had him skin and cut it up. It was all parts - breast/thigh/wings as my husband instructed. This experience in front of the meat counter which I...

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Thanksgiving in July?

July 19, 2009
Written by Anupy Singla

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I'm thinking about calling my upcoming cooking show 'frenzied chef' because that's how I typically feel in the kitchen. Frenzied. Rushed. Overwhelmed. Especially if I need to make more than one Indian dish. Tonight I've overcome all of my misgiving with my crockpot. Well, with my 4 crockpots. I've experimented in the last 24 hours with not only curried stews but now with dry sabzis. For anyone that has experience with Indian food - this is almost a revolution in cooking - to think that you can skip the whole tarka process (heating the onions/ginger/garlic and spices in hot oil)...

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