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Indian cooking spice: Cumin Seed

INTRODUCING indian as apple pie SPICES

“I can’t make Indian food at home. It’s so complicated.”

I have grown up hearing this from everyone - from friends to work colleagues. Once I started writing Indian cookbooks, I realized why they all thought it was so hard, but I always thought it was so incredibly easy.

The key is in the spices. Knowing what to have on hand and having it right there at your fingertips is, in Indian cooking, over half the battle.

This is how the concept for indian as apple pie spices was born. I wanted to give all of you an opportunity to track down key Indian spices easily and know that the quality is the best the spice industry has to offer.

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Spices by the jar

My basic spices and custom spice blends go for $7.95-$9.95 per jar plus tax/shipping and handling.

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 6-Jar Spice Sets

  • Starter Spice Set: cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder, mustard seeds, garam masala, and red chile powder. $39.95 plus tax and shipping
  • Custom Spice Blend Set: chana masala, chaat masala, sambhar powder, chai masala, rassam powder, and kala namak (black salt). $49.95 plus tax and shipping


Kits: Starter Spices, Spice Tiffin, and Cookbook(s)

A $110 value you can get for $100, plus tax and $15 shipping/handling.

Or order your kit with BOTH of Anupy's cookbooks for just $119.95.


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Please note that we are a small 2-person company, and shipments can take up to two weeks to send out.