VIRTUAL Instant Pot Cooking Classes — $25 per class

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The Instant Pot may not be magic - but it is magical, I like to say. It is one of the most convenient ways to get dinner - especially beans - on the table fast. It also saves a ton of time, reducing cook time and worry. Because the IP is electric, you can turn it on and turn your back on it instead of babysitting a stovetop pressure cooker or a boiling pot. Not to worry if you want to cook a different way, I will include instructions on using recipes in the slow cooker, on the stovetop, and in a stovetop pressure cooker.

All classes will be held virtually. This makes it easy and simple to not only take a class but take it from the comfort of your own kitchen. The best part of Zoom? You can join in from any time zone! Class is at 2PM if you are in Hawaii, 5 PM in California, 7 PM in Denver, 8 PM on the East Coast, 1 AM in London, and 5:30 AM in Delhi.

I keep the price point really affordable. Most classes are three times more expensive. Why? Because these are not long and drawn out - they are meant to be 1-hour delves into one particular recipe. I find other classes try to cram too much in and then I feel like you gloss over the details. With my virtual series you'll not only grasp the recipe we are making but learn the technique so well that you'll be able to make dozens more recipes after. My goal is to really teach you to get comfortable in the kitchen. Not to throw a ton of information at you. 

Consider my classes nuggets of culinary inspiration! 

Choose from THREE types of classes:

  • PRE-SCHEDULED CLASS - listed above ($25/class)
  • INSTANT POT BASICS - minimum 5 participants ($50/class)
  • PRIVATE ZOOM CLASS - just me and you ($100/class)

 In 2024 make it your resolution to cook Indian food like an 'Indian Mother'!

All pre-scheduled classes are Saturdays at 10 AM Chicago time & cost $25 each


DONE! HUGE SUCCESS! January 13. Instant Pot Kitchari
DONE! HUGE SUCCESS! Instant Pot Rajmah
COMING UP! March 9. Instant Pot Gujarati Dal

BASIC INSTANT POT COOKING: Consider taking this 1-hour class if you simply want motivation to get your Instant Pot out of its box and learn the basics. I'll take you through some of the terminology and answer all of your questions. We will also stay in touch through email until you truly know what you are doing. This is a specialty class and costs $50. You can email me directly to schedule a date and time. 

PRIVATE CLASSES. Need some focused time and one-on-one instruction? Want to schedule a class to really take your Indian cooking to another level or learn how to make a specific dish? Consider a private Zoom class with Anupy. Each one-hour private consultation is $100. Please email Anupy directly to sign up. 

Once you purchase a class pass, I will email you directly the week of class with the zoom link to participate and a link to the recipe we'll be cooking. 


How do I know what ingredients I need?

Indian recipes can sometimes feel complicated and intimidating with many ingredients. Rest assured, once you buy your basic spices, you'll be set up for success and future recipes, often only swapping out the main ingredient. 

You can purchase ingredients one of two ways. A la carte or as a Spice Kit. Each class below will have links to the recipe as well as to the ingredients. If we sell the ingredients, we will link the name of the spice or legume to the ingredient for purchase on our site. 

There are still some ingredients we don't sell quite yet. And some of you may just want to give the recipe a try before investing in a whole bunch of ingredients. In that case, simply click on SPICE KITS and buy a ONE and DONE packet that includes all of the hard-to-find ingredients doled out in the exact proportions for class. We don't have spice kits for all recipes yet, but we are working on it. 


To earn a free class, just buy $25 or more worth of product from one of our retail partners (Harvest Market, Woodlake Market, Backyard Barbecue, Coastal Seafood, or select Illinois Whole Foods). For a FREE class pass, please take a photo of your receipt of products, a photo of your products, and email them to Anupy. The purchase date must be visible and must be within 2 weeks of the class date - no exceptions. This is for purchases from retail partners to support our partner stores and their customers. If you want Indian As Apple Pie products on a shelf near you - tell them about us! 

FREE class pass for employees of our partner retailers

If you work at Harvest Market, Woodlake Market, Backyard Barbecue, Coastal Seafood, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, or select Illinois Whole Foods, class is on us, too! We just appreciate all of your hard work. Please send a photo of your work ID to Anupy. In order to be eligible, your store MUST currently carry our products. 

Please don't share the zoom link with anyone. Only paid customers or those with a FREE pass will be allowed into the zoom meeting. Anyone who shares the link will not be asked back.  

No refunds will be given on classes you cannot attend. BUT, if something comes up and you truly cannot make it, please give Anupy 24 hours notice and you can take another class at another date and time. This means that if class is on a Thursday at 7 PM, then you need to notify Anupy no later than Wednesday the day before by 7 PM. Again, no exceptions. 

Questions? Want to schedule a private class? Always feel free to email me directly.