Chana Masala Spice Kit

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Your One and Done packet includes:

Click here for the Instant Pot version of this recipe. It also includes tips on stovetop cooking. One recipe using 2 cups of dried chickpeas makes 6 cups of chana masala curry. 

Items listed together are packaged together as they are added to the recipe at the same time.  Note that we package the red chile separately to manage the heat. 

Not included - you will provide: Oil/ghee, onion, ginger, garlic, fresh chiles, tomato, tomato paste, salt, and cilantro. 

Indian As Apple Pie spice kits are the perfect way to start your Indian food journey. You can experiment with this one dish before investing in all of the spices and legumes. We have linked our store to each spice used above so that if you love it and want to order more you can easily get to it in our store. You can also hover over the SHOP NOW button at the top our home page and it will break down our products by category: spices, legumes, sauces, and so on.  

If you would like to set up your Indian spice kitchen most easily consider our 6 Spice Starter Set, our Custom Blend Spice Set, and our Indian Dal Kit. Each are discounted and save you the hassle of ordering items individually. Another helpful item is our Punjabi Masala, which can be used in place of turmeric, onion, ginger, and garlic, to give you a 'curry starter' to any North Indian curry.