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When I teach Indian cooking classes, the one thing I hear over and over again is that the process of collecting Indian spices is 'cumbersome'. Remember, the work with Indian food is less in the slicing and dicing and more in the spicing. Once you have your key spices, though - amazing food is just minutes away. 

It's why I began selling Indian spices on my website - to give you an easy and trustworthy place to go to find most of what you'll need to make a delicious Indian meal. This way, you can with one click, feed your inner Indian cook without running yourself ragged trying to find grocery stores.

My Spice Tiffin is also one of the best tools available currently to house and dole out spices for not just Indian cooking but every cuisine from Mexican to Italian, and even for baking. 

I have taken the time to work with some of the best spice suppliers in the country, and have worked hard to ensure that my spice blends do not include additives and/or salt and other fillers.

Please know that I take a lot of pride in making sure what you get it what I would want to use in my own kitchen.

So, go shopping so we can get cooking! 

xoxo -- Anupy