Vegan Indian Cooking

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Vegan recipes: Healthy meals, delicious Indian cuisine - Signed By Anupy

The beautiful combination of 140 stove top and slow cooker recipes is chock full of soups, appetizers, main dishes, and even some delicious new slow cooker recipes.

If you subscribe to a plant-based diet, you’ll love all the options in this hefty new book. If you eat meat, you’ll love Anupy’s forward. Although she’s been self-subscribed vegan for 20 some years, she’s not advocating that you change your diet. She’s suggesting that you take this book and find ways for it to work for you in your daily quest to work in more cancer-fighting vegetables, beans, and lentils. There are no judgements or a reason for labels in this book. Anupy’s mantra is to enjoy food – real food, and for everyone to be open to different food options.

If you’re South Asian and know how to cook Indian food already, this is a book for you, too. Anupy has taken her lifelong obsession with whole grains and healthy foods and incorporated them into day-to-day recipes. So Lemon Rice, becomes Lemon Brown Rice. South Indian Dosa is made from brown rice as well rather than white. And, samosas are baked rather than fried. You’ll learn why you should soak almonds before eating them, how to make cashew cream to replace dairy, and how to make your own Indian spice blends.

Even canned beans are replaced with this book. Anupy shows you how to take cheaper, dried whole legumes, cook them in water in your slow cooker, and have meals on hand for days and weeks to come. You’ll never by more expensive and less healthy canned versions again.

This book will help you realize that Indian food is naturally healthy and nutritious and extremely easy to make.


Vegan Indian Cooking, published by Agate Surrey, is paperback, 248 pages, and 9.1 x 8.2 inches. The book is signed by Anupy.