Tandoori Box

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  • Indian As Apple Pie tikka masala sauce
  • Indian As Apple Pie tandoori masala spice blend
  • Indian As Apple Pie tandoori One and Done Spice Kit
  • Menu Planner
  • Variety of Indian snacks
  • Optionally, all 4 of Anupy's books, signed or a discounted $80: Instant Pot Indian, Indian For Everyone, Indian Slow Cooker, Vegan Indian Cooking

Why settle for a last-second gift this year? Give the gift that really matters -- good, healthy food. Our Tandoori gift set includes everything you need to get your Tandoori on. Our Tandoori Masala is made in small-batches, roasted first, and then ground without food dyes or unnecessary additives. Our Tikka Masala is made with almonds and not heavy creams. Our Spice Kits mean you can start cooking right away. Our menu planner will get you set for healthy eating in the new year. Rock anyone's day with our amazing Tandoori Gift set!