Indian Cooking at Home

INDIAN AS APPLE PIE shows you that you too can cook Indian food at home. It's all about understanding which Indian spices to have on hand and how to make your Indian spice blends, blowing away myths that Indian food is complicated, exotic, or can only be made tastefully in a restaurant.

You'll also learn that healthy Indian food is not a misnomer - it's the way a majority of Indians eat at home on a daily basis. Most South Asians don't eat their food loaded with unhealthy oils and creams the way many Indian restaurants prepare their dishes.

This website will answer your questions about Indian cuisine. It will give you recipe ideas - traditional ones, but also new and quirky takes on the tried and true.

Can you successfully come up with a Vegan alternative to paneer? Is there a way to make roti and naan gluten free? What kind of grain is chapati flour actually made from? Are organic Indian spices actually worth the price and effort? Real Indian chai versus the Starbucks variety.

Use this website as your one-stop shop for Indian recipes, cookbook(s), Indian spices, easy spice storage solutions, spice and Indian food tours, and fun and quirky storytelling from the eye of a journalist, an author, and an overworked mom.

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