Praise for Anupy Singla and The Indian Slow Cooker

“Next time you have a hankering for Indian food, don't think take-out. Think ahead. That's the message from Anupy Singla, author of The Indian Slow Cooker (Surrey Books, 2010), who is on a mission to correct misperceptions about Indian food—that it's heavy; that you have to buy ‘100 spices’ to make anything; that it's ‘hot’; that it's labor intensive… And remember that in a country where many people cook over a single gas burner, home-style food was designed to be simple. ‘Indian food is supposed to be very easy,’ she says. ‘There doesn't have to be that intimidation factor that you're going to be in the kitchen slaving.’”

Michele Kayal, Associated Press

“Close on the heels of the bubbly Aarti Sequeira’s win this month on the sixth season of “The Next Food Network Star” competition—the first episode of her show “Aarti Party” aired Sunday—another Indian-American journalist-turned-chef wants to teach Americans how to cook Indian food in a crock-pot. Anupy Singla’s book, The Indian Slow Cooker, will be out in October. In the meantime she’s making a pilot for her own cooking show called “Easily Indian,” a family-friendly Indian cooking program. Ms. Singla says her book is aimed at anyone who wants to eat more vegetarian food and she doesn’t believe in calling Indian food ‘spicy’ or ‘exotic’ anymore. ‘Indian food to me frankly is just like any other food in America,” the former on-air TV reporter, who lives in Chicago with her family, told India Real Time. ‘I think it’s becoming assimilated in American food culture.’”

Wall Street Journal, “India Real Time Blog”

“Singla's book goes against what many believe is required of Indian cuisine—infusing hot oil with a whole mess of spices as the base for dishes. Instead, she argues, throw everything into the Crock-Pot and let the aromatics do their thing... the book gives old- and new-school cooks alike ample reason to give Indian food a shot.”

Janet Rausa Fuller, Chicago Sun-Times

“What a departure from the usual slow cooker cookbooks on offer. Anupy Singla's new cookbook, The Indian Slow Cooker, released earlier this month by Surrey Books, is likely the book to convince you that you do, in fact, need a slow cooker (or if you already have one hiding at the back of your kitchen cupboard, this will be the motivation to pull it out and dust it off). Singla's recipes, and writing in general, exudes common sense and practicality. For instance: ‘The advantage of Indian slow cooking is that it is scalable... virtually every recipe can be cut in half or by a third, and its taste and look will parallel the original recipe.’...Straightforward, healthy recipes for easy preparations of all your favourite Indian dishes combined with mouthwatering photographs make this a cookbook any lover of Indian food will appreciate.”

Eat magazine