The Spice Tiffin

The Spice Tiffin - Patent Pending

Spice Box: Stainless steel masala dabba holds Indian spice, seasoning
The Spice Tiffin is one of the most useful culinary tools you’ll ever own.

Modeled on the traditional Indian masala dabba (spice box), this stainless steel tin has a large, round container that holds seven removable bowls small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Each one holds a different essential spice that enables you to focus on cooking and forget about all the fiddling. No more reaching for spice jars shoved into the back of your cluttered cabinets.

The Spice Tiffin, however, is different from any other masala dabba. Anupy Singla’s patent-pending design puts a half-moon ‘catch’ into every small bowl - enabling you to level your measuring spoons right in your container! Each Tiffin - made of beautiful stainless steel - also comes with standard measuring spoons - a tablespoon and teaspoon.

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Anupy came up with the design while testing recipes for her first book, The Indian Slow Cooker. “While I loved my old masala dabba - it drove me crazy that I had to grab a knife to ensure precise measurements and level my spoons,” she says.

What resulted was a two-year journey that involved traveling to India and finding the perfect manufacturer to bring Anupy’s idea and design to life.

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The Spice Tiffin’s double lid keeps your spices fresh. Each Tiffin comes with a thin lid with a tiny, round metal handle that nestles into the main box, while a main lid covers the entire container.

Ideas for your Indian Spice Tiffin: cumin seeds, ground coriander, turmeric powder, red chile pepper, garam masala, kala namak, white table salt.

Use The Spice Tiffin for all your other spice needs from Italian to Mexican to Asian.  Organize your spices by cuisine to SAVE TIME and CLEAR up your cluttered cabinets.

Price: $49.95
Tax: 9.75 percent (Illinois residents only)
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Dimensions: Height: 3 inches. Diameter: 8.75 to 9 inches

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Your best deal is one of our KITs: a Spice Tiffin, a set of six starter spices, and a copy of one of Anupy's cookbooks for only $100 - you save $10.You'll have everything you'll need to get you started in the wonderful world of Indian Cooking. 

Note: We love working with retailers. If you would like to carry The Spice Tiffin in your shop, we can offer you discounted wholesale pricing. Please contact Anupy by email: or on her cell phone: 312 961 2565.

Caring for your Spice Tiffin: Although the Tiffin is dishwasher safe, it is better to hand wash with a soft sponge, as stainless steel can scratch. After washing, dry immediately with a fibre-free cloth to avoid smudging. The Tiffin has a highly polished finish. Once I put spices in my Tiffin, it's usually about three months if not longer before I need to wash it again. Labeling your spices is easy. I use reusable labels from the Container Store and usually put them on the bottom of my small container. If I get confused on a spice I can always take a quick look without ruining sleek look of the Tiffin. Handle your Spice Tiffin with care as stainless steel can dent occasionally. Don't shake your box, because the spices can mix. If you travel with your box (as I do for cooking demos) just put a layer of aluminum foil right on top of the spices before inserting the internal lid. If you don't turn the box over the spices usually won't mix this way. Enjoy, and always feel free to send me questions and concerns.