Indian 101 Spice Starter Set

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You're super exited to cook Indian food, but where to start? Not to worry, we got you. 

I've made delicious Indian food a mere click away. Because, with these six key spices you'll never need to waste time searching the spice aisle of your grocery store or spend hours driving to and from Indian grocers. These essential, basic spices will help you make just about any Indian dish.

It's a little heavier, but we always store our spices in glass - it's healthier - Believe it or not, spices can leach through plastic. Our jars are shorter and rounder so that you can fit a measuring spoon in easily. 

Buy my books and these spices and you'll see how easy I've made cooking Indian food for you.  My concept, Indian As Apple Pie, will leave your family and friends thinking you're a gourmet's as Easy As Pie!!!!!!!

And, remember, all of our spices are sourced from the best farms in India and beyond. We don't sell 'curry' spice because in Indian cooking we don't use curry as a spice. We use the basic essential spices below. 

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  • Cumin Seeds
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Coriander Powder
  • Garam Masala
  • Red Chile Powder
  • Mustard Seeds