Custom Blend Spice Set

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Most dishes in Indian cooking have a specific set of spices (masalas) that gives them a unique flavor and appeal. For example, traditional chana masala gets its tang from dried pomegranate seeds and amchur powder (dried mango). You can make these blends at home yourself - just follow the recipes in my books - or you can purchase my own unique blends. 

What you will love about these masalas that every one is a recipe that I came up with myself - either by watching my grandmothers cook, experimenting myself, or working with my South Indian aunties in the kitchen. The taste profiles are spot on. 

They are not only authentic because of the spices used, but because of the process. I did not move forward to offer you these blends until I found someone who would hand roast them to perfection - just like I do at home. It's not easy to find someone like that in the US, where many Indian masalas are ground (I found out) without roasting. You lose a layer of taste if you compromise - and I refuse to do that with any of my products. 

They are also all roasted and ground in small batches - ensuring they are the freshest when reaching you. 

I also worked hard to make sure that there are NO additives, unnecessary salt, and food dyes in my blends. I was saddened to see that many masalas even coming from India cannot say that. Know that what you are getting from me is at once authentic and healthy. 

I hope offering you these blends will make you feel like you've labored in the kitchen for hours - without all the work. 

Our basic set of six masalas includes:

  • Chana Masala 
  • Sambhar Powder 
  • Tandoori Masala 
  • Rasam Powder 
  • Pav Bhaji Masala
  • Chaat Masala