Tikka Masala

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Finally, a Plant-Based Tikka Masala - made with almonds - not dairy! 

In Indian cuisine, curries are the equivalent to gravies. And, a good Tikka Masala is at once rich and flavorful. With its roots in Punjabi cuisine, this sauce balances the tartness of tomatoes with the subtlety of spices. With earthy, flavorful notes from cumin and coriander seeds, this sauce is made heartier with almonds and is a perfect backdrop to any main ingredient, whether meat or vegetables. 

Cooking Tip: Gently sear meats or veggies before adding a jar of Tikka Masala. Heat through and serve with Indian bread like roti or naan or over basmati rice. Our Tikka Masala is made creamy with almonds rather than milk products. If you want to add a little cream, please do. But know that it's delicious right out of the jar.

Here's what you can do with our Tikka Masala

Stovetop: 15-Minute Butter Chicken with Our Tikka Masala 

Stovetop: Chicken Kebab Bites & Our Tikka Masala 

Air Fryer: Kebab Bites with Our Tikka Masala