Tomorrow’s the Test

November 21, 2009

I have taken such a long break from writing on this blog that I practically forgotten my login. The problem has been two-fold: 1. I've been crazy busy with Diwali, writing a piece for, my birthday, Neha's birthday and our annual holiday blowout party. 2. I just haven't felt compelled to write because I haven't felt very compelled to cook. I guess I was taking a break and I just couldn't fake writing about food that I wasn't really cooking.

Tomorrow should change that.

Every year my husband and I open our house to all of our friends. We invite about 200friends, colleagues and contacts to come to our home and talk story. This is the fourth year and there have been challenges all along. The first year there was no music. Zero. My husband couldn't even figure out how to get the stereo working.

The next year the music was off of our one lone computer.

The third year the music was finally decent but the stereo broke down right after the party. Oh, and my husband had to fix a huge hole he made in the ceiling up to about an hour before the actual party. You're getting the picture here, right?

What's different about this year is that I'm not catering everything. I'm going to try something that I've never tried: cooking at least one dish for about 100 people. I'm going to go with the Kabhuli Channa (white chickpeas in a curry sauce) from my upcoming book. It will be tangy, spicy and comforting all at the same time. And, it will all be made in my very own crockpots. Four of them - all five-quart. Just to show you all how incredibly easy cooking Indian in a crockpot can actually be.

Wish me luck and thanks for sticking with me through the break. I will be writing more as I get remotivated to start testing all those recipes in my book again - which is out not this year (as many of you thought) but NEXT Fall (2010)!

So...get your tupperware ready and get prepared to start taste testing yet again....I will tell you how the Channa turn out!

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla


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