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Tukri Pakora, Baked Veggie Squares

October 18, 2016
Written by Anupy Singla

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My mother came up with the name for this snack. It's essentially a baked chickpea fritter or pakora cut up into little pieces - tukri in Hindi refers to little pieces. One of the key differences between this and a fried pakora is that most of the veggies are coarsely hand grated to give you a distinct texture rather than just chopped or sliced.  This recipe is in my second cookbook, Vegan Indian Cooking (page 104), but I got to thinking. Why limit myself to chickpea flour? I had Teff flour in the pantry and have always wanted to give it...

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Cilantro Green Apple Chutney

August 06, 2015
Written by Anupy Singla

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May I confess? I've been bored with green chutney of late. I know! I know! Blasphemy. But, I've been making and eating mint-cilantro chutney for so many years that it's become a bit mundane.  Until this.  My dear friend Ami brought it over for one of our family potlucks. And, I have to say, I fell back in love with green chutney. The apples in this recipe just give you the perfect amount of sweet combined with tartness that will layer well on a spoonful of basmati rice, as a side to a samosa, or as an accompaniment to a...

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Pav Bhaji Sliders With Spiced Cashew Cream Schmear

July 15, 2015
Written by Anupy Singla

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Oh yes, I did! I took the Mumbai street food Pav Bhaji and made it completely comfortable on your dining table. If you're not familiar with this snack, pav means bread, while bhaji means vegetables. The story goes that street vendors came up with this popular combination as a lunch option for workers that wanted something lighter and faster than traditional Indian food.  Amongst my kids' friends, we call it veggie sloppy joes. When making these at home, serve them up on a large tray so guests can assemble themselves. Above, from left to right, you have Cilantro Green Apple Chutney, toasted...

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Jazz Up Summer Grilling With a Strawberry Chutney

June 05, 2015
Written by Anupy Singla

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It's no secret that it's strawberry season. Everyone is talking and writing about these luscious nuggets of sweetness. Of course, they are delicious just like the shot above - but is there anything else you can do with them? YES. Make them into a delicious chutney - a condiment that will not only have your guests raving - but may just be the talk of your summer table.  But, first - what exactly is chutney? Think of relish or salsa multiplied by a thousand. Chutneys are India's answer to both condiments and then some. In Indian cuisine we love layering...

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