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Instant Pot Palak Paneer

January 18, 2021
Written by Anupy Singla

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Instant Pot Palak Paneer As the granddaughter of a landowner and farmer from the heart of Punjab, India, I implore you, please do not refer to Saag as Palak. My family spent our years living in America struggling to string vacation days together to visit my grandparents in the haweli where my father grew up. To even get to his childhood village, you have to drive your way through fields and fields of bright green and yellow-topped mustard green fields. I've been on a tractor in those same fields and can still smell that freshly-cut aroma from the tender stems. When these mustard greens are cooked...

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Instant Pot White Bean Soup; Simple and Vegan

May 14, 2020
Written by Anupy Singla

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Instant Pot White Bean Soup; Simple and Vegan DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE SOUP RECIPE? THIS IS MINE.  There is something so addictive about white bean soup. Maybe it's just me. My family actually makes fun of me over my obsession. Though, when I serve it to them they just as easily gobble it up. I find white beans at once comforting and filling. This recipe started with an Italian White Bean recipe from one of the official Instant Pot cookbooks, but I quickly adapted it to my own tastebuds. I found that I prefer not to add as many greens as the original recipe calls for and...

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