Indian As Apple Pie TV Kickstarter Campaign: 30 days to $30,000

August 20, 2014

The Indian cooking show you crave: complete with cooking, travel to India, and loads of spicy inspiration with Anupy.

HELP! This is an SOS. I need you all. 

After four years of traveling, videotaping, and writing scripts on swaying boats, in the back of bumpy cars, and in between my girls' soccer practices, my dream of Indian As Apple Pie TV is ALMOST here. 

I have a production team, a tentative green light from a public television station, and the other resources required to finally pull this off. 

Now all I need is $$$. 

That's where all of you come in - I hope. 

I already know you have faith in me. I can feel it and can tell it from the over 100,000 copies of my first two cookbooks sold, my almost 4,000 Facebook followers, my tens of thousands of blog subscribers, and my hundreds of Twitter fans. 

By now, you know I rarely ask for anything except your feedback and continued support. Week-after-week I've posted new recipes on my blog and website without accepting distracting advertisers to my site - only to make your lives easier and tastier in the kitchen. 

But, now - I truly need you to give whatever you can. I need your support and your dollars to make this national show a reality. A show not only about Indian food, but one that you can relate to. One that will get you motivated in the kitchen and one that will get you excited about healthy, delicious, homestyle Indian food. And one that will make you see how easy making Indian food truly is. You'll see India and its cuisine from the eye of an Indian American who knows how to write, is comfortable with travel, can cook, and ask the questions you would ask.

If you are South Asian, this is a show that will make you proud to be from the Subcontinent. It's a show you'll be able to watch with your family and kids and teach them about their roots - as I have done with mine. 

Consider me your personal tour guide to a land and culture that is at once deep and varied. 

I was born in India, but raised outside of Philadelphia. I know how to break recipes down so you can understand them. I'm a journalist by trade - I know how to write. I was a television reporter for years - and love working in front of the camera. 

I know I can do this. 

Will you help? 

Please click this link to share, share, share this page with all of YOUR friends and family. It's amazing what positive energy and even a few dollars from all of us can do. Consider your contribution an endorsement to the idea that there indeed SHOULD be more cooking shows out there about ethnic foods you love to eat that actually TEACH you how to cook.  

Imagine, if all of my FANS contributed just $10 each, we would surpass this goal. It truly depends on you. 

xoxo Anupy


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