Chicago Launch: 'Indian For Everyone'

October 22, 2014

This past week, I became a banner hanging from every corner of the largest Whole Foods in North America, I cooked enough Chana Masala for over 100 people, I was on just about every TV and radio station in Chicago, I persuaded Whole Foods - a major retailer - to celebrate Diwali the Festival of Lights, and we sold books, shook hands, and signed even more copies of 'Indian For Everyone'. I love this for it goes to David Acevedo.

Needless to say, it's been an amazing fun-filled week. I just wanted to share some of the pictures and some of the stories behind the story. It's been a grueling schedule as I managed to cook for a group of twenty Chicago reporters and producers in my home.... From the left, there's MJ Tam from Chicagonista, Ji from Windy City, Mika a former TV producer, Hosea from Channel 7, Lilia who used to report for Fox News, Roseanne from Channel 2, Judy from WGN, Susan from Channel 5, and of course Sean from WGN. Love these faces! 

... took a group of the most influential bloggers in the city on a walking tour of Devon Ave.... here I get to show Meredith Sinclair how to pick deseed pomegranate. 

... Here, I get to demo the perfect Dal Tarka on WFLD Fox News. That was on October 14, when my new book 'Indian For Everyone' released. Just before the broadcast got a message from our VP of Sales that the book hit No. 1 in the Indian food category on 

... I got to spend time back at 'home' WGN-TV. Still relishing my days covering business news for them! 

... and then onto Savory Spice in Lincoln Square ...

My signing and Lassi 'chat' at Savory Spice Shop in Lincoln Square was made that much better when Facebook buddy Virginia from Philly took a detour from a business trip to Chicago and dropped in. She was definitely the most well-traveled there. Also, check out Savory - the ONLY retailer in Chicago to sell my Spice Tiffin. Visit them for one and tell David I sent you! 

The best was signing book after book after book. When you set up a signing, you're always nervous. You're wondering if anyone will even show up. But, you all totally kicked it up a notch and not only came out to Whole Foods Lincoln Park in droves, we sold more books than any signing they've ever had. Thanks to everyone that made that night so special. And a big thanks to the marketing team there and Vandana Walia and her company Vchilli for all the hard work transforming a grocery store into a Diwali stage with flowers, diyas, and decor. 

The picture above was shot none other than by my dear friend JinJa Birkenbeuel with branding company Birk Creative. I love giving her credit because she's the one person that I can trust to get every shot just right.  

Here are some more amazing images from that so very special night ... this gorgeous one of the food was shot by the amazing Anthony Martorina. 

... and still others ... 

That was our plate of food....100 servings of Chana Masala, Chicken Curry, Jeera Chawal, and Kachumber Salad. There was something for everyone whether you were Veg/Vegan, a meat lover, or ate it all. Just like the theme behind 'Indian For Everyone'. Photo Credit: Katie Call. 

Some of my most dedicated eaters...David and his wife Ale are also beautiful hula dancers. Amazing how life works..I danced hula for 3 years while living in Hawaii back in my graduate school days ... 

We are even making our presence known in the suburbs. I drove to Anderson's in Naperville with a crock pot of dal makhani in the back seat of my car - and they still have copies of my book -- it makes a great Christmas gift. But, it was the image below that made the 10 days of craziness so purely worth it. My eldest finding every 'Indian For Everyone' banner in the store and point it out to me! My girl rocks! 

Can't wait to see you all soon. I'll be in Glen Ellyn at Marcel's on Nov. 1 and then in Seattle-Vancouver and Philly in November, Denver in early 2015...and so many other cities. Keep an eye on my Book Tour page for details. 

And..guess what? I'm cooking up recipes again. Stay tuned for next week's post - healthy tips on getting your kids to eat LESS candy on Halloween! Yep. And it has something to do with Indian. Slow Cookers. And, healthy spices. 

There is still time to get your own copy of 'Indian For Everyone'. Head to Whole Foods in Lincoln Park if you are on Chicago, Barnes and Noble where every else you may be or You won't be sorry. This is THE cookbook gift of the holiday season. 

See you all soon... xoxo Anupy  

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