Win the Thanksgiving Day Scramble by Spicing Up Your Sides

November 25, 2014

If you are anything like me, you woke up this morning and realized that Thanksgiving is 2 days away.

Heck. I just found out yesterday that my girls don't even have school tomorrow (in all fairness to me, it's a different schedule than last year and I just got home on Sunday after 10 straight days on the road promoting book 3!).

Still. The guilt IS starting to set in slowly. But, before it gets comfortable, my goal is to kick it to the curb with some rock solid Thanksgiving Day-worthy sides. We all know that while turkey takes center stage on the big day, it's truly the sides that our plates strain to hold. 

And, if there is one thing Indian cuisine can help you take to a whole new level? It's the sides.

One that I love is an Indian street food that screams flavor, Poha. Check out my recipe here. It's also in my new book, Indian For Everyone. I know it may be too late to try and source the flattened rice that is traditionally used in this dish. Instead, use regular rice, wild rice, any kind of grain, or quinoa. Use black mustard seeds and cilantro for the pop in flavor. And for a really fun twist that screams Thanksgiving? Add some dried cranberries or cherries. 

I love brussels sprouts, too. When you put them in the oven to roast away, sprinkle them with about a teaspoon of garam masala first. This traditionally North Indian spice blend can be found everywhere including most grocery shelves these days - in fact our own Indian As Apple Pie blend will be at Whole Foods Chicago on Kingsbury by the new year (2015). This blend is a fantastic combination of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and other spices that are dry roasted and ground down. Adding it to your brussels sprouts with a little salt and oil (try some coconut oil for a real Indian spin) and then roasting them will have all your guests absolutely begging for more. 

Corn is the easiest! Take the cobs and roast them right on your gas stove until lightly roasted all around. Use a diffuser if you have an electric stove. Serve it up with a side bowl of spices and half a lemon. My kids love dipping the lemon in the spices and rubbing the corn down before taking a tangy bite. Here's my recipe. And, if can't find the Kala Namak,  not a worry. Just leave it out until you have a chance to get your hands on it. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I truly hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the day with your families. And, if I have one tiny piece of advice that I'm trying to take myself?

Sloooooooooow it down. Savor every moment. Because the moments, the days, the weeks, and the years seem to be flying by. Don't let them. 

xoxo Anupy

Did you know that my new book 'Indian For Everyone' is out? It makes an amazing gift for the holidays and your fave hostess or foodie. And, if you have it and love it, why not hop on and post a glowing review? Us authors actually live, live, live for them! 

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