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July 23, 2009

It's midnight and I've just finished cleaning up from the day's cooking. It didn't help that I HAD to watch Top Chef Masters - my buddy ART SMITH wooooooon this week's competition!!!! Can everyone please just start tuning in if you haven't already? And I love Roy Yamaguchi. His restaurants in Hawai'i Kai and Waikiki were staples when I lived on Oahu. Try the Roy's here - it's apparently one of the top grossing of all his restaurants. Amazing.

I've got to say - I have a new favorite dal (lentil) dish. The Parippu I made tonight was phenomenal. Maybe it helps that I've never made it before or tasted it before so don't really know what it should taste like. But, I have an idea. For those that don't know, it's a lentil curry that's commonly made in South India. What differentiates it from North Indian lentil stews is that it always has mustard seed, cumin and curry leaves. Often it has coconut as well, but mine didn't.

Tomorrow, I hope to try

Juhi's Simple Kitchari - this is a porridge made of lentils and rice. Today's got messed up because I got the cooking time wrong. It dried out and burned. Another reason you are all going to have to buy my book when it's out - cooking times really do matter - even in a crockpot!

Kitchari with Coconut - I'd never heard of coconut in kitchari before. This will be a good learning experience for me!

Gajar Halwa - a sweet dish of carrots, milk and sugar. When put on a low flame they come together in an amazing way!

Kheer - Sweet Indian rice porridge. So so yummy!

For now...G'night!

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla


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