I Thought I’d Tell You Bout Julie & Julia But…

August 05, 2009

Well, my buddy Joyce Sobczyk - the personal shopper at Bloomingdale's invited me to come to a sneak peak of Julie & Julia and then an after party at their homestore. If you haven't been to see Joyce yet you really have to stop in to At Your Service on the 4th floor of Bloomies. She'll find you anything you need in the store from clothes to furniture and it's all complimentary!

The movie was good...um okay...ahhh way too close to my life right now for me to be really objective...the after party was a blast. The food was from some of the top area restaurants including Sushi Samba, David Burke's Primehouse, and Tocco. Fellow reporters that I haven't seen in awhile were there...LeeAnn Trotter from NBC Channel 5 (we worked at CLTV together) and Renee Ferguson who I reconnected with after years. It was great to see you guys! You made my night.

I WANTED to tell you about all this. But...what I'm going to give you instead is advice. Advice on what not to wear when you're potty training your four year old. Aria has been wearing pull ups at night. We've tried to wean her off but the girls middle name is "leaky faucet." So it was tough and just easier to throw on the pull up.

My husband's bright idea was to take the pull up off at night starting of course on the one night I'm out enjoying myself. So...I get home at 10:30 p.m. - jetting it out of the cab and down my street looking over my shoulder for the supposed group of 4 men that have been on a muggingfest in Lincoln Park over the last week.

I get in...check my blog. No one new has written..darn! Go upstairs to give the girls a kiss before changing...but then think 'hey, why don't I take Aria to the bathroom?"

As I'm taking her I wonder, "she won't pee on me will she?"

Well, my friends. She does. All over my brand new BCBG 200 dollar dress that I'd had on tonight. So, I step over the pee pee puddle on the floor, hold her with my left arm, struggle to pull her shorts off with my right hand and sit her on the toilet. I didn't think she had any left but apparently I got her on there in the nick of time.

Ahhhh! So, I guess I'll be at the cleaners tomorrow. In between cooking, of course.

The Kheer I made last night was a disaster. Sat in the cooker too long - that's the 4th batch now. Tomorrow I'm making:

Kheer (Rice Pudding) For a 5th time
Kali Maa (Black Lentils)
Chicken Curry

Oh, and tomorrow is officially Rakhi. So...happy Rakhi to my brother Kumar in DC...and my cousin-brothers...Allan, Saurabh, Rahul, Vikram, Bobby (London), Sunil, Vickie, Sanjay, Big Ashok, Vikas, Deeraj, Litloo, Kaku and Rajan. I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did..help me out!

Folks, come over and get food...

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla




August 06, 2009


I tried to comment yesterday on this post so I'll try again!

Anyway, you're so lucky you already got to see "Julie & Julia"! Have you read the book? I would love to know your thoughts. When I first heard about the book I immediately thoguht of you.

btw, I love the name of your blog! It's great! Maybe by reading your posts I'll get inspired to start cooking again.


Indian As Apple Pie
Indian As Apple Pie

August 06, 2009

And you inspired me to post today…see my reference to you as the "mysterious 'C'". So yes, we'll inspire each other. I thought the movie was okay. I'll post more thoughts on it soon!


August 10, 2009

Anupy!!!! Hi sugar! Before I start chatting please send the girls my love and tell them I will see them very soon! I'm sorry to hear about your dress, if it was one of the Jersey dresses I am sure it will be fine with a good cleaning.

Julie and Julia is an absolutely fabulous movie! I had not read the book prior to my seeing the movie, but Brennan had been overly excited to see the film; leading to my knowledge of the movie and everything Julie Child. I went into the movie not overly excited but once we left the theatre I was so happy to have seen the film, it was so fantastic and absolutely adorable. Meryl Streep should and will get an Oscar nod for her role.

You seem to have been very busy as of late, I hope the book is moving smoothly. Your blog is growing quite popular, by george I think your on to fame.

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