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August 29, 2009

Hi everyone. After a very brief break from intense cooking I am going to restart the process. (After much coaxing from all of you so thank you!)

This time around I am tweaking all of my recipes - all 45. And, I'm taking it slower. So, there won't be 4 different dishes a day to try - likey 2 so that I can perfect them.

I will post what I am cooking on this site...and need anyone interested in tasting to respond ON THIS BLOG immediately. I'll only have a certain amount of food to go around so the first people to respond will be in. It likely would help for you to become a follower of the site so that you can get immediate updates on what's cooking.

Once you've tasted you've got 2 - 3 days to respond on the post with feedback. Sorry folks..those that take too long gotta go to the end of the line. I need to get this book done and your feedback is critical.

For pick ups...just bring a few containers to my house (text me on my cell to confirm time).

Two good things to have around when eating most of this food: Basmati rice (you can get this at all grocery stores even Costco) and Naan. The best naan out there I've tasted so far is from Trader Joe's - the whole wheat version.

For those that are out of town, the first couple that do respond on the site will get me recipe if you are interested. I am not posting all of them on the site but you'll have the option to get just about any. But again - likely only 2 recipients per recipe will qualify.

The next posting will be the dishes I'm cooking...

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla


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September 09, 2009

hey Anupy… made curry chicken last night. WOW did the house smell great! Even the kids were disappointed we had to wait until after gymnastics to eat!Considering I am PA German – and very used to bland food (as my husband calls it) I chickened-out and skipped the chili peppers – only used the Tbsp of chili powder (had Thai chili powder on hand) – was hot enough for us! The kids want me to try with less spice.DELICIOUS doesn't even come close!!! THanks for the recipe! Keep great recipes coming! — Becki

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