I'm Back!

October 20, 2009

I know I've been MIA lately - but it's been just crazy around here lately. Some of you may have seen my latest food-related piece on Diwali that was posted on WSJ.com (if not - the link is to the right under PRESS). That took up a lot of time. But, the thing is it wasn't just writing about Diwali that kept me off this blog - it was also celebrating our New Year and teaching my girls a little bit about why they should care.

This led to a ton of questions about "Baghwanji" (God) and where god actually is. Why Shivji actually cut the head off his own son and then replaced it with an elephant head. And why Goddess Lakshmi left a dollar under their pillow just on Diwali night and not the night after. (Admittedly this last one is a tradition I created.)

Regardless of how you celebrated Diwali these days are really busy for our community. One person I interviewed for my piece made a great point. He said, "If you put together Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - you may just understand the scope and importance of Diwali to those that celebrate it."

Well, needless to say, now that things are technically over things will slow down a bit and I can get back to cooking.

I've handed in my first manuscript for the slow cooker book but I still need to go back and tweak all my recipes. I hope that all my taste testers will chime in again and sign up to try out more of my dishes.

As some of you know I am headed to India first - to learn even more family recipes. Once I return I promise we'll do some more cooking. Likely I'll start back up in November. Can you all hang on till then??

And, as a preview, some of the recipes I'll insist my Massi show me include cold coffee as only she can make it and porridge. The last sounds boring but is amazingly delicious and I have yet to recreate it outside of India. Stay tuned!

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