Facebook Contest – Win a Copy of My Cookbook!

August 26, 2013

I promised once we hit 2,500 likes on my Facebook Fan page, Indian As Apple Pie, that I would give away a cookbook. And, a promise is a promise, right?!

The last give-away was a Spice Tiffin when we hit 2,000!

Though I’d like to run this contest on Facebook, apparently there are rules and regulations against it. So, let’s do it right here, folks.

All you have to do to play is YOU MUST BE A FAN OF MY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and answer one question at the end of this post. If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry. There will be more give-aways coming. 

How did you stumble upon Indian As Apple Pie – and why do you keep coming back? What else would you add to my daily posts and Blog? 

You have till this Sunday, June 16th (Father’s Day) to like my Facebook Fan page, Indian As Apple Pie, and enter this contest. I will then assign every person a number and let my girls pick a number out of a hat. (We’re really technical over here!) Oh, and did I mention that my generous publisher is upping the price by offering another book? So there are TWO chances to win!

So, you get to pick which book you want. And I’ll mail it to you. It’s as simple as that.

Here are the rules: You have to be in the U.S. and Canada to play. I am making a tiny exception for our Northern neighbors because I have such a fan base there…but it’s SO expensive to ship overseas that I just can’t send product to other countries.

BUT if you are from overseas and want to enter. You can. On behalf of a US-based or Canadian-based friend or family member. I’ll just send the book to them!

You get to pick a copy of either book.

And … that’s about it. As you keep sending this post around – you can encourage your friends and family to enter.


Good luck!

xoxo Anupy

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla


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