Freebies, Promotions, and Pre-Orders

May 21, 2014

We're just five months away from the official release of my third book, Indian For Everyone,  and I predict that this is going to be an amazing summer.

Why? Because we are going to party - Indian style. There's a lot to celebrate.

Free Books:
I'll be giving away a free signed copy of either The Indian Slow Cooker or Vegan Indian Cooking for every new 500 'Likes' on my Facebook Fan page, Indian As Apple Pie and on this blog as well (look for future posts). 

Free Spice Blends:
I'm also so excited to start giving away samples of my latest product offering: Custom Indian spice blends from Chana to Tandoori Masala. You are going to love them. I'll be running promotions on them soon. In the meantime, you are a click away from experimenting with them. 

Free Gorgeous PDF:
My favorite promotion of all? The gorgeous PDF my publisher and I have put together for all of you just for pre-ordering my third book. It's yours - just for pre-ordering. (Thank you to everyone that already has - you will receive an email with your exclusive password next week). Just click on 'Pre-Order' in the green navigation box to start. (PROMOTION ENDED)

In this eleven-page spread you'll get a one-pager of your key Indian spices with pictures, the same for legumes, a tutorial on sprouting, and some extra recipes that have not made it into any books yet. I also included that delicious mango lassi recipe you see pictured below to the right just because looking at that shot makes me want one. I'm sure it does the same for you. You can get this preview only by pre-ordering. So, get to it asap!  


I realize, after dedicating the last five years to writing cookbooks and recipes, that it takes a village to help spread the word and sell books. YOU are all part of my village. I hope you will all help by purchasing at least one copy of Indian For Everyone..or maybe even two. Its release (October 2014) is timed perfectly for the holidays and Diwali. It's hardcover with pictures that will just blow your mind. They are absolutely gorgeous - not to mention functional. I have step-by-step process shots on how to make rotimakki ki roti, and samosas. This WILL be your go-to Indian cookbook. 

So, go ahead. Get clicking, so I can get cooking on some more promos and more fun ways to get us both in the kitchen prepping gorgeously delicious Indian meals at once healthy and authentic.   

Oh, and before I forget, I have a winner to announce (and many more to come): 

  • For our 500 new 'Likes' on Facebook, a signed copy of one of my first two books goes to Jennifer Decker. Though I pick the winner through a completely random number search, I did love her suggestion that I add more street food recipes on my blog. Jennifer, email me asap to tell me which cookbook you would like, who you want me to sign it to (if it's a gift), and your mailing address. My email is Congratulations! 


xoxo Anupy




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