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March 17, 2010

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Last week I felt like an Indian street vendor as I carried a huge jug filled with freshly blended green juice to Neha's soccer practice. People who saw me struggling with the massive and very green container ... a bag of plastic cups ... on top of the huge black bag that is soccer gear chuckled. Not secretly even. Openly. And these people are supposed to be my friends.

I'd been talking about it obsessively for two weeks and my fellow moms finally told me to put up or shut up - they wanted a taste of the stuff - my own liquid gold and my latest whole food obsession.

About a year ago, a friend had juiced a bottle of greens and fruit and brought it over as a gift for giving her an Indian cooking lesson. I drank it up in 2 days. It was that good. I even considered buying a juicer just to make my own.

But, then I got to wondering if I could make it in my handy dandy Vita Mix - one of the most amazing inventions on the market (no - I have no stake in the company). It's a high-powered blender that shreds peel, seeds and anything else in seconds. I use it to make fresh soup (it actually gets it going to the point that it heats it up) sherberts...and now my latest fave -- green juice.

I tried it in there, but it was too thick. Remember, with a Vita-Mix you're keeping all that nutritious fiber. So you have to be careful about the consistency as well. So..I put the idea of making my own green juice on the back burner until I could afford a juicer.

THEN...I ran across a Vita-Mix demo at my local Costco. (The machine - very pricey (but worth every penny) is there ocassionally and sold for cheaper than online). They were showing everyone how to make the GREEN MONSTER COCKTAIL. This is largely their recipe, but I've modified it in parts.

The KICKER??? Every time I tell the girls that I'm making green juice they jump up and down in excitement. They LOVE homemade green juice. They hate the stuff that's prepackaged including all the ones that are supposed to be healthier for you. It's just not the same as fresh. This is one recipe totally worth making.

And..if you can. Try and check out getting home deliveries of organic fruits and veggies. We've been doing it for 2 months and granted some things don't always get eaten right away but for the large part it's changed our perspective on Swiss Chard...beets...kale...Arugula. My girls are eating it all and begging - begging for more. We go through Irv & Shelly's Fresh Picks. Tell them I sent you! (And no - I have no stake in the company - just really like their produce and service - though their website can be a little difficult to maneuver at time. It is worth every penny!)

You can try the recipe below in a traditional blender...I just don't know if you'll get the smoothness that you really do in a VM. Don't worry - I'm sure if you love good, wholesome of these machines is in your future.

Green Monster Cocktail(provided by Vita-Mix Demonstrators)

Start with something light to cover the blades - 100% Welch's or Dole's white grape or banana/orange/pineapple frozen fruit juice. (Anything light in color). I use green grapes and water (about 10 grapes and 2 cups of water).

Add couple of baby carrots (or regular carrot)
1 cup spinach
1 - 2 large leaves of Swiss Chard (my change to original recipe)
1 banana (peeled)
orange (peeled - but leave the white stuff on)
a large slice of pineapple with core
a little squash or cabbage (optional)
half an apple with peel
a whole peeled lime (I actually use two and you can just take the juice too)
large piece of ginger peeled (my change to original recipe)
2 cups of ice
splash of honey on top (I use Agave Nectar)

Blend it down and enjoy enjoy enjoy. Remember, this should not be too thick. So,if your version is, just add more water to thin it down. Also, if you don't add enough ginger or lime the leafy veggies start to taste a little woody. Soo...try that if you don't immediately like the taste. Also, this will sit in the fridge. But keep a lid on it to preserve the taste and know that after about a day it will start to get a bit bitter tasting. If it does sit you'll see all the fiber float to the top. Just be sure to mix it well before pouring.

Enjoy!!! And please post your own green juice obsessions to this post. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla




January 29, 2012

I’ve had a green smoothie every morning for the last 3 years. I add hemp protien powder ,flax seed and sometimes wheat grass powder. Kale,spinach,romaine,frozen banana,frozen pineapple and an inch of fresh ginger is a tasty and healthy way to start the day. :)


December 26, 2010

Oh my gosh!
My mother has been doing this for the past two years and I LOVE the green drinks.. Now I am hooked! Most people HATE to eat their vegetables, but blending them up with various fruits and greek yogurt makes a tasty drink that you wont have to talk yourself into consuming. Also, instead of taking my vitamins/herbs in capsule form, I buy powder (or loose) versions whenever possible (i.e calcium, protein etc.) and even flax seeds and add them right into the blender mix!
The greatest thing is that you arent compromising any of the nutrients, and utilizing every part of the fruits/veggies.

I couldnt imagine starting off my day without one these drinks!

I love my Vita-Mix!

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla

December 26, 2010

Thanks, Sheenna. I wonder how could we add a little protein into this green drink? Anyone? I like your idea of buying the powder and blending all of it in. I’ll try flax seeds tomorrow…


May 19, 2010

I too love the idea of you turning the soccer moms onto green juices! This one is interesting the lime and banana. I use a Breville juice and love it. Thanks for this (and Indian Food piece which I just read)


October 16, 2010

I so agree, the Vita Mix rocks! Got mine at Costco, also, after winning a bet with my husband ;)

Green juice is new to me, but I have almost all of the above in my fridge. Must give it a go.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

Hockey Forum
Hockey Forum

October 20, 2010

This is an excellent post and may be one that needs to be followed up to see what are the results

A mate sent this link the other day and I am desperately hoping for your next page. Keep on on the terrific work.


March 29, 2010

Love the post as usual, Anupy! You are fearless, lugging your green juice to an event. I made them for a group of patients at a cooking class and it was so funny to watch them peer pressure each other into trying it. If people can get past the unusual appearance, they're immediate fans of the taste and how great it makes them feel.

Have you seen the Green Smoothie Revolution or Green Smoothie Queen? Lots of great online buzz. Thanks for sharing your experience – I can't wait for our local organic farm to make with the greens!! – Tina in GR

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