Losing Those Last 10 Pounds – Indian Style

August 20, 2009

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything since last week. I've had a face stuffed with pizza - visting home (King of Prussia, PA). It's really hard to type with a slice .. er. make that four slices ... in one hand. Gosh, that East Coast thin crust is sooo good. But, of course, I'm paying for it now.

Wednesday I forced myself to go to bootcamp - my first real workout in about 4 days. Of course, we all started to talk about weight.

One person complained that she wasn't near the shape she wanted to be. (I can relate to this, I thought - cool - I can relate!).

Okay - so what shape is that I asked?

Apparently the perfect size she was before her baby.

Oh, okay. I have a baby too! Even cooler. We're in the same boat, I thought.

And how old is yours? (I'm sorry I even asked)

Nine weeks!

Woah! No need to do the math here. I have a baby too. But SHE'S four going on five! So what does this mean?

It means no more excuses.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not obsessed with my weight. In fact, I think I look pretty good - I've been working pretty hard at it for the last two years especially. But I cannot lose the last 15 pounds. And I'm not just taking scale weight. I mean slim down. I am strong. I can do 60 REAL pushups in a row. (I know - thanks to bootcamp). But I cannot lose my gut!

Some people watch shows like the Biggest Loser and get motivated. I just can't. I contend that if I was one of those Maury Povich guests that he had to interview in my bed because I was 500 pounds I'd have the answer. I would know that I had to stop eating trash, right? Cut out the stack of pancakes/waffles/toast/and muffins for breakfast. Cut out the soda. Oh, and the fast food!

But I'm not. I'm 135 pounds. Okay. I said it. Gulp! And I eat pretty darn well. But, the portion sizes and the ordering in is what I need to watch.

How many of your ladies...and guys agree? That your issue isn't to lose 100 pounds it's to lose that last 10-15 and tighten up the gut...the legs or some other asset?

Here's what one of my buddies thinks (he's a trainer folks - and pretty good):
To shed the last bit of weight is about making sure you're working with a full deck -get a full physical and make sure you're not dealing with cholesteral/diabetes/other issues. Fair. He also recommends getting about a gallon of water a day...and sleeping 8 hours a night. (when do I ever do that except at home with my mom and dad?)

Another trainer says that eating is 80 percent of what is going on here with weight. So, stick with 6 meals a day and cut out the crap. For me that means no more takeout (that's my weakness). And that you know after the pizza binge.

So, I'm doing all of the above for the next seven days and I'll post how I feel. I will let myself have that one meal to relax (pig out). And one drink.

So far, so good. Today was my first day eating small meals consistently throughout the day.

And where does the Indian come in? Folks, I think making food at home - especially Indian my style -- is one of the healthiest way to eat. Especially in a crockpot you don't have to use any oil at all if you don't want to. And, if you limit the amount of carbs you'll really love how healthy you feel.

I usually eat most food with either Basmati rice/Brown rice or whole wheat naan. Of course roti is the best, but I don't always have time to make it. My new favorite naan is at Trader Joe's. It's whole wheat and pretty good in terms of fat per serving. It's also delicious. (I've never had the one made of white flour or the frozen which I hear is good too - but obviously not as healthy).

So...if you're trying to lose those last 5/10/15/20 pounds add your two cents...and start cooking a little healthier at home. Get a slow cooker - try some of these recipes and tell me what you think.

Not that it's actually NON-fat...but my butter chicken recipe will be on here before the end of the weekend. And before you say it - I already agree - Good Fat is Good For You! So get it from avacados...almonds...organic milk...olive oil. Don't look for FAKE food that's non or low fat. Eat the real stuff - just eat a tiny bit less of it - and see what an amazing difference it makes.

Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla



Indian As Apple Pie
Indian As Apple Pie

August 21, 2009

Thanks Karyn. Now I have to start feeding you again! I know though. I absolutely die if I don't have access to the flavors and textures of Indian food. I look for it in less healthy options, but don't ever find it there. Sometimes the thought of eating Indian sounds so boring but I eat it and think – why did I ever think this would be boring. It's so darn satisfying! Thanks for your post and honest thoughts. (Honestly folks – I don't set up these comments).


August 25, 2009

I am in the same boat, since dating Brennan I have put on weight (I can't blame children). The reason I think this is is that I am so busy and when I'm done with all my working, studying, and every other thing that occupies my time I become sedentary and we eat, and then we snack. I try to stay away from eating bad foods and too many processed foods, I however do have an obsession with lunchables (eek!). I took a class titled Biology and the Human Organism, we studied an entire section on food and our body. What I best learned from this class is that the more natural the food is the more satiated our bodies will be. If you eat things like pizza you need to eat more of it to feel full because of the lack of nutritional value. The higher somethings nutritional value the more full we will feel.
I need to start an exercise regime that both fits into my schedule and can keep my interest. There are all of these amazing walking groups on meetup.com here in Chicago but unfortunately I find little time to fit them into my schedule. I'm hoping that with my new school schedule this fall I will be able to motivate myself enough to wake up at 7 am and jump rope or something along those line.
Speaking of jumping rope. I have been researching various exercises regimes and I have discovered that jumping rope apparently tones your entire body and only take fifteen minutes twice a day. When we jump we use every muscle in our body to lift ourselves off the ground. I purchased a jump rope and I can absolutely believe it, it is hard to go for more than five minutes (at least it is for me lol). I know for anyone who has children this could be a good routine. Buy you and your children jump ropes and challenge each other everyday to see who can do the most continuous jumps.
Maybe your readers can get together and have jump-offs?


August 21, 2009

I'm so glad you posted this. For the most part, I think I eat pretty healthily… I stay away from processed foods and instead opt for fresh veggies, fruits, and simply prepared (baked or broiled w/out sauce) lean meats and fish. However, like you, I have an occasional weakness for take out and I struggle with portion control. Also, every once in awhile (thankfully not too often) I crave a burger and milkshake. Having said all this, I want you to know that since eating your food, I have found that my taste buds have changed and that I have not had even the slightest craving for anything unhealthy. Also, I find that I can eat smaller portions of your food and feel completely satisfied. I'm assuming the rice and beans which seem to be a staple are mostly responsible for that. The feeling of contentment is also fueled by the incredible flavors of the dishes. Who knew that eating healthy could taste so good and be so satisfying? Sure beats carrot and celery sticks!! Finally, since eating your food, I have found that my energy level has increased and I have a better overall feeling of good health; and again, I have not had a single craving for anything bad. I think you're on to something here… :)

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